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February 2016 - Power modules - The new 75wpc Belles Aria integrated amplifier "provides the analog experience with all of its virtues in one simple enclosure. The unit’s phono, headphone and preamplifier stages use Burr-Brown opamps known in professional circles for their ultra‐low distortion. The power stage is a discrete fully complimentary Mosfet design."
February 2016 - Fostex spring fever - The TH900Mk2 just became "the second generation TH900 premium headphone which features a new detachable 7N-grade unbalanced cable with duralumin plug and an optional balanced cable sold separately to meet growing demands for balanced connections." The Neodymium magnetic circuit of 15'000 gauss couples to a proprietary 'biodyna' diaphragm in Urushi lacquer bordeaux cups made of Japanese Cherry Birch with protein leather pads.

Also new is the HP-A4BL headphone amp slash DAC that's been evolved from the current HP-A4 model to add a balanced 4-pin XLR output and up to 11.2MHz DSD compliance. The internal 24/192 DAC is a BB PCM1792A and the output section features a hi/lo gain switch to offset gain by 10dB. Max output power is 300mW into 32 ohms. Besides USB and Toslink inputs, there's also a micro SD card reader for up to 32GB capacity formatted to FAT32. Outputs are on Toslink and analog RCA, hence this deck can multi-task as a variable-output DAC in a speaker system.
February 2016 - Elijah convertible - The Konvertible Lite is marketed as "the first USB audio cable that allows removal of the 5V lead before or after the PC/DAC handshake without requiring two USB ports at the source. Its data lines consist of a twisted pair of Mundorf silver/gold solid cores in silk sleeving. The fixed ground and detachable 5V leads are Audience Cryo Cu. 5V  is carried on the centre pin of the 2.1mm barrel plug, allowing the barrel to act as a shield. Included with each cable is an insulated 5V blocking plug used when the 5V lead is unplugged to block any 5V emanating from the exposed centre pin." Pricing is from $110 to $270 in varying increments for lengths of 16 to 80cm, with free shipping until April 1st.
February 2016 - CAD reissue 1543 DAC - "The CAD 1543 MKII takes its name from the TDA1543/N2 chip mounted on a revised 4-layer board to minimize noise and optimize the multi-paralleled 16-bit chips to process 192kHz PCM. This DAC avoids oversampling and a digital interpolation filter to protect timing resolution. The hyper-minimalist design is engineered with the fewest number of switches and connectors between mains plug and output sockets. It features a single USB 2.0 input that galvanically isolates the 16 x TDA1543 chips from a connected PC. The analogue output sees a single pair of low-mass pure copper RCA sockets wired directly to the chips through a passive I/V stage. The summed output of paralleled multi-bit chips means no additional signal amplification or buffering. Signal wiring now is single-crystal OCC copper and the laser-cut 10mm thick acrylic case is supplemented with RFI/EMI materials to reduce HF interference on the circuit boards and ground planes. Also redesigned is the power conditioning at the power input to minimize AC line noise; as well as isolate neighbouring parts from any residual digital noise." The CAD 1543 MKII is priced at £7'25 incl. VAT. Owners of the original 1543 DAC can have theirs refitted to full MKII specification at just £600.
January 2016 - Boxing season - Bulgaria's Everything But The Box bow their 85dB BoXXeR HM 0.4, the first entry in a new range. It's a 4.5" two-way with 25mm Vifa silk dome and Seas Excel magnesium mid/woofer with Mundorf crossover set into a leather-clad Birch Ply enclosure with 10mm aluminium front/rear baffles. It's the first model which defies the company's name by, actually, being a box.
January 2016 - New Kalya - Apertura Audio's 8-inch 2-way monitor in their program since 2013 just got a makeover in Rosewood Santos veneer now with its own matching wood/metal stand which clears the downfiring port. In signature Apertura style, the cabinet sports an asymmetrical cross section with two bowed cheeks of different length and curvature and an angled baffle that's non-parallel with the rear. The driver complement is a 2" ribbon tweeter with an aluminium/polymer diaphragm and a customized Seas 8" mid/woofer. The 2.8kHz crossover uses progressive slopes to combine 6dB, 12dB and 24dB/octave roll-off on either side of the centre frequency. Bandwidth is 35-30'000Hz ±3dB, sensitivity 88dB and weight with stand 40kg/ea. In its home country, the Kalya sells for €9'900/pr.
January 2016 - New vistas - Vista Audio release their first solid-state amplifier, the Spark [$349]. Rated at 20wpc and operating in Class AB, "Spark feels equally at home driving efficient floorstanders and on top of a desk paired with high-quality monitors. A low-key retro design of the front panel makes Spark an aesthetic fit with a variety of systems and interiors."
January 2016 - Overthrill? - Clearaudio's revised Statement v2 [£92'500 for the table, £18'500 for the tangential arm] applies everything they've learnt in 30 years of audio engineering. Delivered in piano gloss lacquer, its integratal stand comprises four stainless steel legs separated and supported by eight curved supports made from a sandwich of aluminium and Panzerholz. The top layers incorporate thousands of embedded tiny metal ball bearings. The Wolfram carbide bearing spindle with nano nitrate coating features two-piece construction in which both parts are joined by a special high-technology adhesive. The electronic speed control circuitry is completely new. Also, the motor pulley and belt were redesigned, fine-tuning them for superior noise reduction. The previously acrylic main platter is now POM. The sub platter has a newly machined outer surface to better mate with the drive belt for even finer transmission and performance. The main gyroscopic bearing which supports the entire floating structure has been upgraded. A 95kg damped self-levelling pendulum hangs from the gyroscopic bearing with a series of stainless steel plates eccentrically weighted by drilling out a portion of each inner's periphery. Careful rotation of the plates yields a platter that is perfectly level with the earth’s surface (as distinct from your floor) and with whichever tone arms are being used. This table accommodates up to four earms." Basic specs are non-contact magnetic drive, sub ±0.03% speed variation, 350kg, max consumption of 19 watts and dimensions of 69 x 57 x 132.4cm WxDxH.
January 2016 - Yamamoto goes single-ended pentode - Shigeki Yamamoto's new A-03S is a KT88/6550 12wpc stereo amp with 1D5G inputs and 5U4G rectifiers finished in the firm's trademark Japanese cherry wood with champagne-anodized metal.
January 2016 - Windows Roon server - SOtM of South Korea bow their sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition server [starting at $3'500] which combines Windows 8.1 with Audiophile Optimizer and Roon. This silver or black platform with base connectivity of 4 x USB, LAN, VGA, HDMI, mic and line then is customizable with either AES/EBU, Toslink and coax outputs (digital edition) or RCA/XLR outputs (analog edition). Storage can be 2TB SSD or 4TB HDD beyond the internal 32GB SSD and an ultra-low noise clock upgrade is available too.
January 2016 - Aboriginal Canadian tubes - Wolf Ear Audio of apparently Blackfoot background introduce their first product, the 1.5-watt EL84-based Kitoki SET [$1'595] designed for speakers like Zu and Omega. An EZ81 rectifier in the choke-filtered power supply combines with 6N1P-EV gain/driver tubes rollable with 6DJ8/6922 and 6P15P-EV output pentodes strapped to triode. The point-to-point wired circuit shuns all electrolytics. There is a 30-day in-home trial period and options to add a 24-step ladder attenuator ($250). Basic specs are response of 20Hz-100kHz ±1dB, 100K input impedance, <2% THD at full output, power consumption of 80 watts, weight of 12kg and dimensions of 32 x 22 x 8cm WxDxH.




January 2016 - Akiko aikido - "The Akiko Audio USB Tuning is capable of reducing HF electromagnetic noise, making signal transmission more accurate. The design consists of a mix of natural minerals connected to an internal antenna for high-frequency radiation that is stabilized with special black resin and which suppresses microphony effects. It is to be used in a spare USB input of your computer, streamer, NAS or DAC."
January 2016 - Cary Grand - Cary Audio's new DMS-500 Digital Music Streamer [$4'995] does 32/384PCM and DSD512, wired/WiFi, USB, thumb drives and SD cards. "Using our TruBit™ PCM and DSD technology, you can convert PCM to DSD 64, 128, 256 or up to 768kHz in PCM" whilst "the 5.inch full-colour HD display is easy on the eyes. The most intricate of artwork bursts through with layers of gorgeous detail along with all pertinent track information. Additional features include built-in Tidal, Spotify, aptX® Bluetooth, legacy inputs of 2 x coaxial, Toslink and AES/EBU plus coax/Toslink outputs, RCA and XLR fully balanced analog outputs, OSO™ re-clocking and a full 3-volt variable volume control."
January 2016 - Man what a Manley - EveAnna Manley's new Headphone Amplifier [$2'950] combines two 12AT7 drivers with a quartet of triode-strapped 6AQ5 which may be run in single-ended or push/pull mode. Headphone load settings are 12-50, 50-200 and 200-600 ohms. Variable feedback goes from 0 to -10dB. Balance, treble and bass controls use silent conductive plastic pots but may be bypassed. There are XLR and 6.3mm headfi ports and preamp outputs, 2 RCA line-level inputs, a mono/stereo switch, a mute switch and a low-noise SMPS for global 90-250VAC operation. And finally, there are a variety of finish/trim options.
January 2016 - Nagra's US presence - " To increase their presence in North America, Audio Technology Switzerland are hiring René Laflamme as sales & marketing manager and brand ambassador for the US and Canada. René is a renowned sound engineer, eight times winner of 'Best sound in show' at high-end audio equipment conventions with Nagra electronics and also received 'Best Audiophile Recording of the Year' several times with his Label Fidelio audio. In the past three years, Laflamme mastered for his own specialized label 2xHD more than 130 albums in high resolution for Proprius, Naxos and Ondine. For more than twenty years, he has used Nagra recorders and electronics in his own reference studio. René will continue to run Fidelio in parallel to promoting Nagra products."
January 2016 - HD DAC gets all classic - Nagra's new Classic DAC "makes use of the exact same digital front end as their HD DAC (digital input board, USB module and D/A boards). For the output stage, the HD DAC’s tube is replaced by a discrete solid-state stage using 9 matched military-grade transistors per channel for an unweighted SN/R of 145dB. The headphone amp and volume control have been eliminated. Main features are PCM up to 384kHz/32-bit and DSD 128. Inputs are on coax, BNC, AES/EBU, Toslink and USB. Outputs are on RCA and XLR. The power supply is built in but a Lemo 12V/DC input offers an upgrade path for the Nagra MPS outboard PSU."
January 2016 - Star struck - Gamut's new Zodiac is a limited edition flagship of which only one pair a month will be built. Claimed response is 16Hz-60kHz, "with phase-aligned drive units from 400Hz to 12kHz yielding pin-point soundstaging. All drive units are newly custom designed and individually matched. The complex cabinet sports a new system of internal spacing, semi separated by bespoke acoustic filters. The crossover features top quality components from Danish Janzen Audio." Finally, Zodiac’s designer Benno Baun Meldgaard will visit each owner within 12 months of purchase to fine-tune the set-up in the owner’s listening room.
January 2016 - 10-year itch - Having been introduced at CES 2006, Grand Prix Audio's Monaco direct-drive turntable now undergoes its v2.0 makeover retrofittable to the v1.0 and v1.5 versions. "Housed in the hallmark carbon fibre plinth, the v2.0's outline and footprint remain unchanged. However, inside the plinth and controller are all new custom technology and proprietary mechanics. Some of the resultant specs are speed accuracy of 1/10th part per billion average; peak deviation of less than 0.0002%; ultrasonic speed measurement outside the realm of any playback frequency; a proprietary motor with infinite pole design and custom motion control; increased torque to achieve full speed in just 2 revolutions; new circuitry and custom designed software with >75'000 line encoder disc." The Monaco v2.0 comes standard with a variety of tone arm mounts and a new True Pressure™ clamp system. "This innovative system's ultra fine-tuning clamp communicates to a proprietary sensor built into the platter, signaling with an LED spindle light when perfect clamping pressure is achieved."
December 2015 - Canadian cubism - The squares at Bryston are going 3D with the grant of a new circuit patent and related range of new amplifiers like the 4B3 and 2.5B3 shown. As per James Tanner, "this new circuitry will be utilized in the new stereo and mono Cubed Series models. It does not apply to the modular multi-channel 6B or 9B at this point but we are looking at that going forward. The newest version of the B135 Integrated amp also applies. There are new cosmetics as well for all the power amplifiers including the 6B and 9B."
December 2015 - Fortified forté - The Genesis Fortè continues their legacy of 6-foot-tall line-source two-tower loudspeakers dating back to 1994. The latest model Fortè features a 48-inch ribbon midrange, a line-array of 12 ribbon ring-radiator tweeters and two 12-inch servo-controlled solid aluminum-cone woofers per loudspeaker. It will be available in "any" finish and is fully customizable with various options. "The cabinet is constructed from a constrained-layer damped composite material. The crossover has been re-worked with the new Genesis 48-inch midrange driver. The servo-controlled 12-inch woofers ensure deep, accurate bass with improvements in the Dynamic Power Delivery System (DPDS). A revised crossover improves coherence between the midrange and the woofer. Careful selection of crossover frequencies ensure that the lobing common with many other line-source loudspeakers has been eliminated at the listening position."
December 2015 - 5T - Aerial Acoustics' Michael Kelly reimagines the 5B model as the new 6.7" 2-way 5T monitor which "offers significant improvements in system sensitivity, dynamics, treble delicacy, midrange transparency,and bass extension without coloration. Designed specifically for placement 2" to 2' from a wall, it offers surprising performance whether used in a bookshelf, on a tabletop, or on a stand." The 5T shares the same curved cabinet construction, high-gloss finish, 1" woven ring-dome dual-magnet tweeter, similar woofer refinement and the same high level of crossover componentry and wiring as the Model 6T and 7T. "The 5T’s extremely rigid inert curved shape bonds multiple layers of wood under high pressure for 48 hours in a 20-ton press. The thick walls are further cross-braced. The front baffle is attached with damping glue to reduce the flow of energy from the drivers into the cabinet walls. The internal volume is damped with New Zealand long-fiber wool. The cabinet is then finished by hand in multi-layer Nero Metallic Black, High Gloss Rosenut or an all-new premium High Gloss Ebony. Response is 48Hz to 23kHz."
December 2015 - Helicon 16 - Not a new element on the periodic table, this instead is a Wireworld cable for internal and DIY wiring. "These highly flexible cables consist of two flat conductors that are twisted and bonded together. Their bonded helical structure stabilizes the conductors to eliminate the need for an external jacket. The design also provides the sound quality of our patented DNA Helix conductor geometry. "After years of development, I've finally succeeded in creating a 16-gauge cable that sounds close to a direct connection," said president and founder David Salz. "I am confident that Helicon 16 makes improvements which speaker designers have not heard with previous cables." Helicon 16's two flat insulated conductors contain sixteen parallel copper strands that are arranged as eight pairs. The gaps between pairs are essential to "channel electromagnetic signal energy and provide audible and measurable improvements in fidelity. Helicon 16 is also extremely easy to strip and connect to internal or external speaker terminals."
December 2015 - Thiel sub out - The SmartSub 1.12 "features sophisticated app-based control and advanced room correction paired with a long-stroke 12-inch driver and DSP-controlled 1'250 watt amplifier which connects to your WiFi network for phone or tablet control. Six user-accessible sound mode presets exploit a correction algorithm to precisely adjust onboard parametric equalization."
December 2015 - Pass phono it in - The Pass Labs Xs Phono [$45'000] is essentially three phono stages in one to accommodate owners of multi-arm tables without the sound-degrading effects of switched micro-voltage stages. A dual-mono output power supply with 75 watts idle consumption adds to the cost-no-object approach which further includes custom-made capacitors ansd shock-mounted gold-clad ceramic circuit boards. For adjustments, "three large knobs control resistive loading, capacitive loadingand gain. Four small buttons provide for input selection, memory recall of settings for all three inputs, high-pass filter (rumble filter) and phono muting. Small blue LEDs around each of the large knobs indicate the settings for resistive loading (11 settings from 30 to 47K ohms), capacitive loading (6 settings between 100pF and 750pF) and gain (3 settings from 56-76dB). Unusually, the Xs Phono can output a single-ended (RCA) signal, a balanced (XLR) signal or both at the same time. This permits, for example, providing a signal to an analog-to-digital converter or a digital-audio recorder at the same time as to a line stage or preamplifier."
December 2015 - Get wyred - Wyred4Sound release two new products which reclock and lower jitter from digital signals. "The bLINK integrates a world-class Femto clock with Bluetooth technology to improve the quality of streaming music. The Recovery targets a computer-based USB signal and restores its integrity for superior fidelity." Says designer EJ Sarmento, "based on the successful design and implementation of our prior Remedy, I wanted to apply the same principles to improve wireless streaming signals and later, USB. These new models are easy to use and relatively inexpensive products that really add benefit to streaming and/or computer-based audio systems." The Recovery will be complete by year’s end and ship early 2016; the bLINK is shipping now.
December 2015 - Musette begets Menuet - Metrum's descent into M-ness continues as the Hex discontinues and with it, the firm's last model using the undisclosed industrial chip set. Henceforth all of Cees Ruijtenberg's converters use Transient modules, his very own non-oversampling R2R silicon. The Menuet [€2'730 ex VAT] is "designed for the same basic frame as the Hex. To avoid internal vibrations, the electronics are built on a well-damped sub chassis." The Menuet gets four Transient™ R2R ladder modules which "can handle extremely high sampling rates but are limited to current industry standards with a maximum 384kHz on the USB input. Like the Pavane, digital data is split over two 12-bit clusters to process that portion of the data in the most linear region of the chips and generate full 24-bit resolution." Inputs are on AES/EBU, Toslink, 2 x coax and USB. Outputs are 2Vrms RCA and 4Vrms XLR. Orders placed and paid before February 29th get a special introductory price of €2'450 ex VAT. Shipping begins end of February.
December 2015 - Fostex foster expansion - Three new headphones, each in 80Ω and 250Ω guise, represent the new TR range as the firm's "first mid-priced dynamic-type" line. The TR-70 is open backed, the TR-80 closed and the TR-90 semi open. "The normal ears pads come with the 80Ω models, the thick ones with the 250Ω as standard but each package also contains the other type pads to give the user more choice." There are also straight and coiled cables with detachable connectors. The shared driver is a 40mm unit developed especially for this range. Response is 5Hz - 35kHz, sensitivity is 93dB for the open-backed, 95dB for the closed back and 90dB for the semi open. Weight is ±300gr depending on model. Included accessories are a carrying bag and 6.3mm to 3.5mm adaptor.

Fostex also bow the FE108-Sol wideband driver designed for back-loaded horn enclosures. Its diaphragm is a double-layered long-fibre paper cone driven by a 100mm Ferrite magnet with copper pole cap. The basket is die-cast aluminium and the centre cap connects directly to the voice-coil bobbin for claimed >20kHz extension. Basic specs are a 4-inch cone diameter, 0.78" voice coil diameter, 8Ω impedance, 90dB efficiency, 0.9mm Xmax and 0.34Qts.
December 2015 - HD800 get the boot - Reboot that is as Sennheiser embark on improving upon their classic dynamic flagship with the new 'S' version. Styled mainly in matte black this time, the revision applies absorber tech trickled down from their IE 800 and a 4-pin XLR cable is now standard next to the 6.3mm leash. Core specs are 4Hz - 51kHz bandwidth at -10dB, 300-ohm impedance and 330g of weight without cable.
December 2015 - Stratos goes more spheric - Furutech subsidiary brand Alpha Design Lab introduce the latest version of their Stratos [£995] which, in one small box, combines a DAC, A/D converter, preamp, MM/MC phono stage and headphone amp with 6.3mm and 4-pin XLR outputs. Balanced headphone drive delivers up to 2W into 56 ohms. Now there's support for PCM up to 32/384 and DSD up to 11.2MHz. Power derives from the 5V USB bus for input circuitry whilst the external 15V power adaptor powers all other circuits.
December 2015 - Why be? - Estelon asks that question as YB, their first model in the new Y Series. It's an 8" 3-way with 5.25" midrange and 1" Beryllium tweeter loaded into a cast composite enclosure with a literal twist which creates two mirror-imaged columns with side-firing bass drivers. Response is 30Hz-40kHz, sensitivity 86dB. Dimensions are 128.5 x 36.5 x 43cm HxWxD, weight is 40kg/ea. Pricing starts at €15'900/pr.
December 2015 - Discover more - The new Wilson Benesch Discovery II [starting at £14'950/pr] is an 89dB sensitive 6-ohm monitor in a 2.5-way configuration with clam shell isobaric bass system. The enclosure combines carbon fibre and CNC'd alloy, the tweeter is the company's hybrid silk/carbon Semisphere unit. Biwire terminals sit at the bottom rear of the integral stand whose adjustable hand wheels facilitate easy leveling. Claimed bandwidth is 43Hz - 30kHz, total weight is 30kg per side.
December 2015 - Monkey do - DeVore Fidelity's latest Gibbon X is claimed to be easy to drive and place. It is a compact 3-way tower with 0.75" soft dome tweeter, 7" midrange with inverted rubber surround and an opposing pair of long-throw 9" woofers in a tuned 4-chamber enclosure. Basic specs are 23Hz-40kHz response, 91.5dB efficiency, 8.5Ω nominal impedance (16Ω max, 7.3Ω minimum) with 44 x 9 x 17.5" WxHxD dimensions and finish options of bamboo stained cherry, mahogany or mink.
December 2015 - More 'ooh' with your magic - Magico announce updates to their S1 and S5 models, now both in MkII guise. "A newly designed 1-inch diamond-coated Beryllium diaphragm tweeter offers matching sensitivity, wide dispersion and increased power handling. A robust motor system and long-throw voice coil design enable lower distortion and cutoff frequencies that enhance driver integration with the mid/bass driver." For the S1 MkII [starting at $16'500/pr], "a newly designed 7" driver uses multi-wall carbon fiber and graphene nano platelet which combined is 20% lighter and 300% stiffer than the previous cone material. The underhung neodymium base motor system uses two extra-large magnets which provide an ultra-stabilized magnetic field for the pure titanium voice coil."

The S5 MkII [starting at $38'000/pr] also gets two "newly designed 10" woofers with extremely powerful magnets, ultra-stiff aluminium cones that are specially coated and finished with graphene dust caps. The excursion rate of the voice coil is measured at 15mm linear movement to be twice as much as its predecessor. It produces clean undistorted sound pressure levels up to 120dB @ 50Hz/1-meter."
December 2015 - ETI wanna go home - ETI Research of Australia release their Kryo range of audio connectors consisting of RCA, banana, spade and 5-way binding posts. "The Kryo series is made of silver-plated Tellurium copper and with brass housings for superior vibration damping and high EMI/RF rejection. Then we apply a special cryogenic treatment in a US facility. Now cable, speaker and amp manufacturers can outfit their wares with the very best connectors available to guarantee the purest signal conduction for their own product."
December 2015 - Audioaero now - Vermeer Audio have acquired the rights to the LaSource and LaFontaine decks to develop them further and bring them up to top 2015 standards. The first result is the Two, a universal control center aka 32/384 DAC with sub-miniature 6021 NOS tube output stage, analog volume and analog i/o on RCA and XLR to combine D/A conversion and preamplification in one remote-controlled unit. Specs include 2.3/4Vrms output voltage in fixed mode, output impedance of 100 ohms, S/NR of -129dB and THD of less than 0.1%.
December 2015 - Voxativ store - "To sell worldwide, we just opened our online store. We also created a custom Voxativ Ampeggio cable line that uses a copper/silver mix in a proprietary geometry which is cryo-treated after soldering and really wonderful."

Voxativ are also readying the Zoile, a compact tower speaker with an 8" widebander which will premier at Hamburg's Februay show. "This has really good bass response, lower than the Pi in fact. It should come in around €7'900/pr with the new AC-1.8 driver which has a higher Qts than the 1.6 to make lower bass." Later in 2016, there is a new Voxativ 5" wideband drive unit that will make appearances in possibly more than one new speaker model. The Berlin firm are clearly busy launching new products.
December 2015 - Stronger Valium - Schiit's new Vali 2 tube headphone amp [$169] allows tube rolling to its single 6BZ7 with a 6DJ8, 6922, ECC88, 6N23P or equivalent, has hi-lo gain switching, preouts, a dual voltage power supply that puts a full 60V on the dual triode's plate and caps it all off with a fully discrete bipolar output stage, not op amps or ICs.
December 2015 - Mad science - Mad Scientist Audio Ltd from New Zealand have released a new range of cables with carbon fibre in the signal path. "This brings benefits like immunity from skin effect, much smaller Eddy currents which are quickly dissipated, and in the digital cable absorption of jitter-causing internal reflections." The top analog interconnects with directional Rimu-wood module contain a "magic tube" purported to work on the sub-atomic level. These tubes can be removed if the effect isn't desired.
December 2015 - X marx the spot - HifiMan's Edition X [$1'795] goes beyond the HE-1000 range topper on lower weight and higher efficiency to purportedly come to life even off an iPod. Response is 8Hz - 50kHz, sensitivity 103dB, impedance 25 ohms and weight 399 grams or 14.07oz. In stock now.